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21st-Jan-2015 09:03 pm - Trying to liven it up
Hi, I see this community is dead, but I recently began lolita and it would really help if I had people in my area for support and friendship. And although I know it's a long shot possibly a meet up? Contact me with interest, and keep posting...!?
27th-May-2014 05:06 pm - Are you guys alive???
I hear nothing but crickets!  ;]
5th-May-2014 04:42 pm - Intro
Hi! My name is Nina, I just moved here from California!  I know big move!
Location: Bellevue, MI
Gender : Female
What do you do in your free time? Draw, Watch A lot of movies, Sew, Eat lots of sweets hehe

What are your favorite bands? Sleeping with sirens, Demi lovato, Of Mice and Men, Second hand serenade.

What are your favorite brands?, BTSSB, Innocent World, Haenuli, indie brands and of course I love making my own skirts.
What are your favorite Styles? Classic, sailor, gothic, pirate ARRRR! sweet
24th-Apr-2014 12:48 pm - intro
location: grand haven
I love lolita and i would love to meet more Lolitas. I like anime and video games. and sci fi and real science things...I also like mid evil era things.

I am looking for lolita friends to chat with about the fashion and anything ells really. I am going to mid west media expo. Is any one ells going?
15th-Nov-2013 10:57 am - Holiday craft meet?
Hi all!
I live in Ann Arbor now!  It's pretty sweet.
We should have a meetup to make crafts for Xmas / Snowflake Day / Winter Solstice presents. I also want to go to Amadeus in Ann Arbor sometime with you guys and eat tiny cakes. We could do these things on the same or separate days.

My place in AA has enough space and a ton of parking, so let me know what you think!
18th-Sep-2013 10:00 pm - Crafting Meetup! Next month!
This is a repost from the facebook group. Here is the description:

We are getting together to do some crafting, watch corny Halloween-ish movies, drink tea and eat snacks!

So, this is all you have to know!

What: Crafting. (/eating/watching/drinking (tea) )

What to bring: Please bring any crafting materials you may want/need and a snack, if you like!

Also, if you have any non-scary, vaguely Halloween-related movies, please bring those as well! So far, it looks like we have Hocus Pocus, and maybe Beetlejuice (does anyone own this? Is it on Netflix...?). But bring something and we can pick!

I will be providing:
And maybe a pie! (Depends on how good I get at making pies that won't leave stains...)
A dresser full of lace!
A computer for watching YouTube videos on how to make crafts (because, honestly, that's how I do it)

We are having it at my house. I will message the address by PM before the date.

Date/Time: Sunday, October 27th, at 1pm (tentative, we are still honing in on a time, but that looks to be it. Please give input if applicable)

I forgot to mention this on facebook (I will now go and do that), but please mention if you have any food allergies, maybe? Also, I have three small dogs. They will be in the bedroom if they don't want to place nice, but if you are allergic to small dogs, fair warning/sorry.


6th-Aug-2013 09:37 pm - Meet up reminder with some info
So heres to plan, Erin came up with that this could be a swap meet too. So this is going to be a picnic so please bring bags to keep your stuff safe from food. Then after the eating and swap we can bum around the area and maybe hit up Pinball Petes.

The weather is suppose to be nice so The picnic and swap will be outdoors. There is a really nice kinda secluded area behind a parking structure with a eating area and a tree to sit under on the corner of Hill and East University. Please message me for my number so you can call if you get lost. If you need an address put in 1000 hill street.

When: August 10th, 2pm

Bring food for your self and if you feel like it, it would be nice if we brought stuff to share. I will be bringing cupcakes.


I will also be checking my phone often just in case some people come last minute and get lost, so please message me then as well If your lost and dont have my number.
21st-Jul-2013 11:00 pm - Hello, I'm a beginner Lolita
first pic, profile pic
Location:Kalamazoo, MI

What do you do in your free time?:
exercise, go to school, searching for a job currently, baking, arts and crafts, drawing

What are your favourite bands?:
Rise Against, Linkin Park, Lindsey Stirling, P!nk

What are your favourite brands?:
I can't really say I have a favorite brand because I haven't worn lolita yet (I'm working on my first coord). I like Bodyline because they're affordable but still nice looking. I also like Fanplusfriend.

What is your favourite EGL style?:
I like them all. My specific interests are sailor, military, steampunk, gothic, wa-lolita, and gothic. I admire anyone who can do sweet lolita, it's too much for me personally, but I'll try it once.
21st-Jul-2013 05:06 pm - Meet-up on Thursday, July 25
Sakura - 1st OP
So, we've got a tentative meet-up scheduled for Thursday, July 25.

Loosely, it will look like this:

1-4pm, tea at Tyme Well Spent in Hartland, MI
5-6:30ish Korean food at University Cafe in Ann Arbor
6:30ish-?? karaoke at Friends Karaoke (above University Cafe)

Tea is like $15-$25, depending on what you order
Korean food is like $10+
Karaoke is $45/hr. for 1-6 people (I think?), so bring like $10-$20 if you wanna karaoke with us!

Come for all, or part!
17th-Jul-2013 02:06 pm - good first buy?
so does anyone have any advice on where to make a good first buy? i been looking around and doing research, but im still really nervous about where to buy. a friend of mine gets hers from bodyline and they are rather nice, plus ive looked at their site and they seem to be the cheapest. i know that my first buy will most likely be the most expensive so i understand no matter what it'll seem rather much. still, it be much appreciated if anyone has any tips. please note im still in high school so my parents are helping to pay some.
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